9 Best Glass Pillar Candle Holders Decor Ideas For New Year’s Eve

fairy light pillar candle holders

Appropriate candle selection can transform your discerning with the addition of comfort and relaxation. Especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve parties, colored candle holders are essential to enhance the beauty of the environment. One can opt for glass pillar candle holders in this regard. You can place them over the table throughout the event and enhance your décor.

Décor items are often expensive for everyone to afford. As a result, people search for cost-effective ideas to decorate their rooms for occasions like the new year. This article has brought some interesting candle décor ideas in addition to pillar candle holders to make your eve special. One can also use candle holders to enhance beauty.

9 Best Color Candle Holder Decor Ideas For New Year’s Eve

Glass Pillar Candle Holders

One doesn’t have to be especially fancy to have a great effect. Arrange all of them in groups, besides scattering them into the whole room. In simple words, try to organize candles in glass pillar candle holders. More centerpieces are available for your convenience. A great alternative to colored candle holders for those who want simple yet elegant decor.

hurricane pillar candle holders
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Colored Pillar Candle Holders For Table

Creating an attractive décor is also possible through the arrangement of different size and color candles. Please place them in candle holders or on a round mirror shiny tray. A glass holder is perfect for holding candles in the absence of both. Surround the lovely candles with numerous decorative items like leaves, pine needles, and berries at your convenience.

Cocktail Glass As Candle Holders

New Year’s Eve is a one-time function where you might want to make it memorable. If you want something different than pillar candle holders here’s a unique funny design for you. Change your cocktail glasses into tealight candle holders. Then place a tealight candle in the center of the glass. Enjoy a fancy cocktail lightning décor on your eve.

Floating Flower Colored Candle Holders

Besides the traditional pillar candle holders, you can design a masterpiece out of glass cylinders floating votive candles, or flowers. You can do it by placing a  flower and winding the stem into a vase or clear cylinder. Add the floating candles after filling them with water. To enhance the décor, you can use several flowers and uniquely shaped vases for an eye-catching visual effect. Using cylinder candle holders can double up the fun here.

Candle Holder Décor in Scandinavian Style

You can’t imagine your home without candles, especially on New Year’s Eve. The Danes pay special attention to soft lighting, which offers warmth and security, so they light candles even during the day.

You can décor your home in the Scandinavian style by organizing the candles in the form of huge glass candle holders. They burn for a longer time without requiring any candlesticks. However, you can place them in square candle holders to enhance their beauty.

colorful candle holders
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Compositions Of Different Candle Holders

There is no need for other decorative items when you have different glass pillar candle holders. These look beautiful on their own; the best idea is to create a composition of numerous candle holders of different heights. If you have natural materials in your home, such as flowers, cones, and fir branches, both small and large candles will form an amazingly eye-catching New Year’s Eve Décor.

Complete your candle holders within minutes. Set with a tray, a wooden box, or a basket to add cohesion to your candle composition.

Fruit Slice Candle Holders

Making a unique candle décor with your favorite-colored fruit and votive candles. Start with any kind of container and some water pearls or marble glass, then add fruit slices near the edges. It’s time to top the décor with three tall votive cylinders with white color floating candles in the middle. It will look amazing enough to eat after dinner. This DIY progress adds fun to the holiday.

Multicolor Gel Candle Holders

You can make your New Year’s Eve wonderful through colorful Gen candle décor. This is a creative idea for people with a limited budget on such a special occasion.

Make colorful candles with gels of several colors available. Depending on your chosen colors, these can look like stationary lava lamps in glass candle holders. One can include other items in the gels, such as tiny stones or colored marbles. The gel will look like a liquid, and the final effect will be captivating. 

Glass Candle Holder With Fairy Light Decoration

Yet another perfect way of New Year’s Eve décor for everyone. Adding these fairy lights around tall pillar candle holders or a class vase housing one creates a magical effect. Even better, add the fairy lights into pillar candle holders or a glass cylinder with a floating candle inside. It will make for a special presentation with minimal effort.

Final Words

Candles are a great symbol for celebrating any special occasion. New Year’s Eve is yet another great festival after Christmas. Above are the great pillar candle holder décor ideas to add holiday spirit to your home. These ideas are very easy to apply for any beginner.

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