8 Surprising Ways To Reuse Your Glass Candle Holders

Small Candle Holder As A Plant Pot

A small candle holder can serve multiple purposes. It helps protect the surface and adds more to the home décor when used in a particular way. Yes, you can use these glass candle holders for multiple purposes once they are empty. Clean and empty these holders, which is easy, and reuse them for any desired purpose.

Continue reading below as we have compiled a list of eight different ways to reuse your glass candle holders.

Reuse Small Candle Holders For The Bathroom

The small candle holders are easy to reuse for various bathroom needs. However, as mentioned before, you must clean and safely reuse them. In the bathroom, a small glass holder can hold small accessories like a comb or small hairbrush, pins, barrettes, etc.

If you have a tall candle holder, you can reuse it to store lipsticks, pencils, eyeliners, etc. In kid’s bathrooms, they are reusable for toothbrushes and toothpaste. Moreover, a small candle holder with a lid can store bath salts.

Reuse Small Candle Holders On Your Desks

You can use these small candle holders on your desks for various purposes, whether in your office or home workspace. These small glass candle holders will look beautiful and also keep it tidy. You can easily store small things in an organized way to utilize the workspace better.

The closed-lid holders can help to store rubber bands, paper clips and flowers adequately. The open-mouthed glass holders can be a great choice to keep ribbons, tapes, or other crafting stuff. Moreover, for kids, you can store crayons and colored pencils to give them a charming, beautiful look.

Reuse Candle Holders As Plant Pots

It is the most popular yet common way of reusing a small candle holder. Some candle companies, nowadays, are even putting seeds in their candle holders. You can plant that seed once the candle has finished and cleaned afterward. Now that you already have a glass plant container, you can think of various seeds or plants to grow.

A succulent baby plant can be an excellent colorful option for small glass holders. For a wide-open-mouthed holder, you can grow a terrarium with different layers of tiny stones, moss, and soil. So, there can be many more exciting ways to reuse these holders for better environmental purposes.

Reuse Glass Candle Holders For Small Vases

Everyone loves flower vases, whether they have live or artificial flowers stored in them. Another brilliant and joyful use of these small candle holders is to reuse them as a flower small vase. Luckily, it is easy for anyone to do it and does not need any gardening experience. All you need to do here is arrange an empty candle holder and place some flowers with plenty of water to keep them fresh.

Moreover, try keeping this holder near a window so they can get enough air and sunlight. The narrow top holders with a bottle shape will be most suitable for this trick. However, the wide-opened holders can make a floating flower by adding water and a single bloom.

Reuse Them For Kitchen

Again, this reuse seems quite apparent. The small candle holders are reusable in the kitchen to store multiple things. For example, suppose you have a large candle holder with a lid. You can reuse it in the kitchen to store dishwasher soap, whereas a small candle holder can be reusable to store your rings near the kitchen sink to keep them tidy while cleaning utensils.

Moreover, if you have a tall holder, you can use it to store scrub brushes to help them dry faster. Lastly, in the case of a candle tin, use it to store rubber bands or chip clips in a kitchen pantry.

Reuse Candle Holders At Your Dressing Table

The small candle holders can have a useful life on your dressing tables. Since we often find a lot of stuff scattered on the dressing table. Therefore, a small glass holder can be reusable on the dressing table to manage the space efficiently. Again, a tall-shaped glass holder can store eyeliner pencils, makeup brushes, and other slim stuff.

Reuse Them For Travelling Purposes

You may have never considered using an empty small candle holder to help you while traveling. However, a candle tin can be reusable for storing stuff inside to help you adequately manage your space. For this purpose, you can use any metal or glass candle tins. For example, you can store a solid shampoo bar, soap, and a lotion bar in a small tin.

Moving forward, you can use these candle tins to store your perfumes without having them break while traveling. You have read it right. These solid tins will securely carry your perfumes and deodorants. Since you would carry charging cords, the tins will keep them untangled during travel. Lastly, we have the Jewelry. Use the tin to carry necklaces, bracelets, and rings for secure storage without causing damage.

Reuse Candle Holders As A Small Money Bank

Another simple and common use for these small glass candle holders can be reused as a piggy bank. However, to reuse these glass holders for this purpose. You must ensure cleanliness. Otherwise, it can mess up. You can reuse the glass candle holders to store coins and paper money.

However, for adults, it might not be as amusingly interesting as it would be for kids. Nevertheless, you can use these holders to encourage kids to save money and develop their money-saving habits. Try using a holder that is not transparent to make it look a bit real for their imagination.

Small Candle Holder As A Money Bank


Burning a glass candle ends its life after serving its real purpose. However, interestingly, it begins its new life in many other forms for some people. 

Glass candles can be very useful even after they have finished. Especially, those candles packed in pretty-looking and fancy glass are sometimes more helpful. You can use any of the above ways to reuse your empty candle’s small glass holder for another productive use. Remember to thoroughly clean them, no matter which purpose you want to reuse them. Though it might seem complicated and messy, it means a lot.

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