8 Best Candle Holder Centerpiece With Greenery

Pillar Candle Holders For Wedding

Pillar candle holders on the table at any event enhance the decoration. Whether the occasion is big or small, adding green elements to the ambiance is perfect. It can make everyone happy. So, use candle holder centerpieces for your next event. Moreover, candle centerpieces for weddings are in demand these days.

The best part is to add the element of greenery to the glass pillar candle holders. A combination of beautiful candles with green elements can add life to your event. To know more, check out the top 8 candle holder centerpieces with greenery below.

Potted and Candle Centerpiece

The first option on the list is the potted and candle centerpiece, which adds more of a fairytale look. In the market, you can find pots with various designs. Besides, the pots with brown color can give an authentic look. Adding green leaves or plants with the pot holders offers more charm to the decoration.

So, for a relaxed and natural vibe, pick the potted and candle centerpieces. It can include Boston fern, rosemary plants, or lavender for the aesthetic.

Potted And Pillar Candle Holders Centerpiece

Pillar Candle Holders with Fake Plant Centerpiece

Pillar candle holder centerpieces can also get used with the greenery. For instance, arrange different-sized pillar candles or other candles on a serving tray. Add some fake green plants around the pillar candle holders. You can add until it is completely covered but not overflowing.

Moreover, you can also use kidney beans, red rice, pink lentils, red beans, or more. The beans or rice will not only give color and texture to the table.  

Pillar Candle Holders With Fake Plant Centerpiece

Candelabrum Centerpiece

After the pillar candle holders, candelabrum’s centerpiece is on the list. It also gets attention at events. It has many arms that hold the candle sticks. It looks gorgeous when you add green leaves or flowers around the candelabrum.

The candelabrum centerpiece is an alternative for a classic look. You can choose it if you want a great aesthetic for your decoration. Besides, you can pick the golden or silver color per your preference. 

Candelabrum Pillar Candle Holders Centerpiece

Terrarium Pillar Candle Holders with Succulents

Terrarium pillar candle holders have a design that includes the candle and succulents in a glass. It looks beautiful as a centerpiece of the table. Besides, the terrarium candles surrounded filled with cute greenery appear even more stunning.

While choosing the candle centerpieces wedding, you can pick the terrarium centerpiece. It adds more definition to the tables. All the guests will like it.

Terrarium Pillar Candle Holders WIth Succulents

Floral and Candle Holder Hanging

The floral and candle hangings can be designed by taking your candle centerpieces to new heights. It can get done by suspending them over your tabletop or setting them on top. An arrangement of eucalyptus, hydrangea, and tulips with lit candles on the top look amazing.

Moreover, the floral hangings can get customized as you want. Using your favorite flowers and plants to create the floral hanging will make you feel special. 

Floral And Candle Holder Hanging

Floating Glass Candle Holders

The simplest pieces can often be the most beautiful! Floating candle holders can be your next option to use. This beautiful centerpiece takes only five minutes to make. It may use different materials like cylinder vases, floating candles, water, flowers, and leaves.

Fill the container with water, add a few fresh flowers and leaves around it, and lay the floating candle on top. You can’t stop at one since they’re so gorgeous and simple to put together—plus, anyone can help! It can be a great option to use with pillar candle centerpieces.

Floating Glass Candle Holders

Colorful Candles with Greenery

Adding a little vibrance to the centerpiece can also energize the decoration for the table. With the help of greens or natural elements, colors can add life to the colorful candle centerpieces. 

Colorful Pillar Candle Holders

Tall Pillar Candle Holders Displays

Tall glass Pillar candle holders with flowers may create an exquisite touch to any tablescape. These are the spectacular options for a candle centerpiece wedding. You make sure they don’t block your guests’ views. These look classy and have a beautiful aesthetic. The transparent glasses look stunning, while colorful glass holders also appear fantastic. 

Tall Pillar Candle Holders Displays

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