8 Office Minimalist Plant Decor Inspirations

Minimalist Plant Decor

You can always go right with a minimalist plant vase decor setup if you want to add a touch of nature to your office space. Not only will it add a bit of life to your office, but it also won’t overwhelm the room.

Here are 8 inspiring ideas for office minimalist plant vase decor to get you started. 

Get To Know Office Minimalist Plant Decor Inspirations

Regarding office decor, it’s all about finding the right balance. You want to do it sparingly, but you also want to maintain functionality for style. 

That’s where minimalism comes in! You can have a sleek, stylish office without all the clutter. 

1) Glass Terrarium Plant Vase On Windowsill

The hanging glass plant vase is the perfect office minimalist plant decor item.  It is a great way to add a touch of nature to any room or office space. 

The terrarium has two compartments, each with an independent opening and closing lid for easy access and maintenance. You can also use it as a unique plant vase that can be hung up for a more eye-catching display. 

The hanging glass plant vase is ideal for bringing some life into a home or office without taking up too much space.

Hanging Glass Terrarium Plant Vase
Source: thespruce.com

2) Hanging 4PCS Terrarium Container Flower Plants By Window

The 4PCS terrarium plant vase is ideal for any minimalist office decor. This set comes with 4 round glass terrarium containers that can hold a variety of plants. Or you can create a different scene for each glass globe terrarium.

The thick glass walls offer a unique and stylish look while providing excellent protection for the plants inside. It Is easy to hang from any ceiling or wall. The top of the terrarium features an air hole, allowing air to circulate inside. 

4PCS Terrarium Container Flower Plants
Source: glasseam.com

3) Glass Propagation Station With Metal Frame On Table

Make your office space look more stylish and inviting with a minimalist glass propagation station with a metal frame. 

Not only does it look modern and chic, but it also helps create a unique environment. Whether you’re propagating succulents or cacti, the station helps elevate your office’s look and add an element of sophistication.

Plus, its explicit material helps to showcase your plant and make it stand out even more. The top section can be used for small items like jewelry or other accessories. 

Test Tube Plant Vase
Source: glasseam.com

4) Plant Propagation Stations Tubes On The Shelf

Bring your office to life by adding hanging plant propagation station tubes! 

These modern decor pieces provide a unique way to bring your favorite plants and flowers into your workspace. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, these tubes are a great way to show off your green thumb. 

Featuring sleek glass tubes with wooden frames and bright colors, they can make a statement even in the smallest of spaces.  

They’re an easy way to add style and sophistication to any office with single stems.

Hanging Plant Propagation Stations Tubes Unique Plant Vase
Source: glasseam.com

5) Hanging Glass Terrarium Orbs On The Wall

Bring the beauty of nature into your home or office by hanging glass globes and terrarium orbs on the wall. You can make them a set that is perfect for propagating and displaying small plants, flowers, succulents, and other greenery. 

The globes have a flat bottom, so you can easily place them on any surface. The design is modern and minimalist, adding a decorative touch to any room while creating an eye-catching centerpiece. 

The orbs come with a hook so they can be hung up in any corner or window of your office. Use them as plant vases to add a touch of color to your decor, or let their beauty speak for itself. 

No matter how you use them, these hanging glass globes terrarium orbs will surely enhance any space.

Hanging Glass Globes Plant Vase
Source: insider.com

6) Glass Globe Unique Planters Beside The Computer

Bring a touch of nature to your office with these modern and minimalist hanging glass unique planters. But you don’t have to hang them on the wall. Add some sand and succulent, and place it near your computer. It adds a bit of greenery to a windowless office or brings some life to the work table. Their sleek, contemporary design will seamlessly fit in with any decor. 

You can also easily hang them side by side on the wall for added visual impact. The glass construction and airtight lids are sure to keep your plants happy, while the metal frame ensures that the planters stay securely attached to the wall. 

Hanging Glass Planters On Table
Source: glasseam.com

7) Tabletop Glass Round Planter Station

A round planter station can be decorated for a beautiful betta fish vase. Ecological vases like this will add some fun and life to your dull workday.

Tabletop Glass Round Plant Vase Station
Source: glasseam.com

8) Propagation Station Modern Flower Bud Vase

If you’re looking for a stylish way to spruce up your workspace, the tabletop glass planter station is just what you need. This unique planter is the perfect addition to any office space. 

This design creates an exciting and eye-catching focal point featuring two glass plant vases connected by a metal bar. The modern flower bud vase is perfect for propagating small succulents and other plants. Its cylindrical shape also makes it ideal for creating a stunning display of flowers or other greenery. 

With its sleek design, this tabletop glass planter adds a touch of sophistication and style to any room.

2pcs Plant Vases
Source: glasseam.com


Having a few plants in your office can significantly promote productivity, creativity, and well-being. Minimalism is vital for one large statement piece or several smaller accents. You can always create an eye-catching display with modern plant vases.

Glasseam offers these 8 plant decor inspirations. They should help you get started with adding some stylish greenery to your workspace. We have also listed some of the most popular office minimalist-style vases for sharing.

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