How To Tell The Difference Between Antique Glass Vases and Vintage Glass Vases

Vintage Glass Vases

When collecting glassware, distinguishing between an antique and a vintage glass vase can be difficult. 

The two’s subtle differences can often be hard to detect. However, you can easily tell the difference between an antique and a vintage glass vase with some knowledge. 

Here, we will explore the differences between an antique and a vintage glass vase.

Let’s take a closer look!

What is Antique Glass Vase

Antique glass is a type of glass that is over 100 years old. It has been passed down through the generations and has a unique look and feel you won’t find with modern glass. Antique glass is often considered more valuable due to its age and rarity. It can be a great addition to any home or collection. 

You may notice the classic color hues and detailed designs when looking at antique glass vases. It’s also known for its delicate bubble patterns. Its visible air bubbles experienced artisans create when blowing the glass. The glass was usually thicker than what is used today, which made it heavier and sturdier.

What is Vintage Glass Vase

Vintage glass vases are a special type of glassware, usually made during the mid to late 20th century. Some of the most well-known manufacturers often produced these glass art pieces. Also, it can be identified by certain features. Vintage glass vases typically have colorful decorations in either an abstract or geometric pattern. 

They also feature heavier and thicker glass than antique glass vases. Additionally, vintage glass vases often have dimpled bottoms and rippled edges. It reflects the hand-crafted look of the piece. There may also be tiny bubbles embedded within the glass. It adds to the unique charm of each vintage glass vase.

The Distinction Between Antique and Vintage Glass Vases

If you’re a fan of glass vases, you may have heard the terms “antique” and “vintage” used to describe them. 

But what’s the difference between an antique and a vintage glass vase? 

We’ll explain the difference between these two types of vases.


When trying to identify the difference between antique and vintage glass vases, one of the key factors to consider is age. Antique glass vases usually date back to the Victorian era or earlier, with some dating back to the 1700s. 

In contrast, vintage glass vases are usually from the 20th century, typically from the 1920s onwards. While age is important for understanding which classification a glass vase falls into. It is not the only factor to consider when distinguishing between antique and vintage glass vases.


Regarding antique and vintage glass vases, rarity can be a factor in assessing value. Antique glass vases are considered rarer than vintage ones since they were produced in smaller numbers. 

The production of antique vases typically dates back centuries. Also, fewer were produced due to the primitive manufacturing techniques used then. In contrast, vintage glass vases were mass-produced with modernized technology during the early 20th century and remain more plentiful today. 

Finding an antique glass vase can be a rare and exciting experience for collectors. In contrast, collecting vintage glass vases is more accessible due to the greater number available.

Manufacturing Process

Glass vases are made by melting and shaping sand or other materials like quartz and borax. This process can be done by hand with the help of tools or machines. Antique glass vases are typically made through a centuries-old method of blowing molten glass into shape

This method was used until the 19th century when glassmakers began to utilize molds. Vintage glass vases are often machine-made, using molds to shape the molten glass. They may also be hand-blown, but usually with the help of mechanical devices. There are still some differences between hand-blown glass vases and machine-made glass vases

Design Features

Glass vases come in a variety of designs, shapes, and colors. Antique vases typically have a more intricate and detailed design. It often features hand-painted images or decorative elements. Vintage glass vases are often more abstract or modern in shape and color, with fewer decorations and simpler lines. 

The difference between antique and vintage can be further noted by the type of glass used. Antique vases are often made from lead crystal and art glass. Vintage vases may be made from pressed glass or other modern types of glass.

Historical Significance

When collecting antique or vintage glass vases, it is important to consider the item’s historical significance. Antique vases may be from a certain historical period, while vintage vases can glimpse the past with their unique designs and colors. 

Collecting these pieces can help us remember a particular time and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into making them. By researching the history behind a piece, we can get a better understanding of its importance.


When it comes to antique and vintage glass vases, the item’s value is largely determined by its condition, rarity, and historical significance. An antique glass vase may be worth more than a similarly sized vintage one. If it is in better condition and has greater historical significance. The age of an item does not always determine its value. 

The older an item is, the higher its value may be, but this isn’t always true. Ultimately, how much an antique or vintage glass vase is worth depends on factors. All these factors like its condition, rarity, and historical importance.


Condition is a crucial factor in determining the value of an antique or vintage glass vase. Condition refers to how well-preserved the item is. Signs of wear and tear include scratches, chips, and discoloration. It can indicate that a vase has seen better days and is less desirable. 

It is important to inspect any vase for damage before purchasing carefully. With proper care and storage, antique and vintage glass vases can remain in excellent condition for years, preserving their beauty and increasing value.


Regarding collectability, antique glass vases are generally the most sought-after since they are often the rarest and oldest. Vintage glass vases may be more common, but their distinct design features also make them popular among home and wedding decorations. 

Antique and vintage glass vases are highly desirable for their age and historical significance. But an antique vase is the ideal choice for those looking for something truly unique. As always, the condition is key when it comes to collectability. So check for any damage or signs of wear before purchasing.


Vintage glass vases are a beautiful addition to any home and can uniquely charm any decor. 

Understanding the distinction between antique and vintage glass vases is essential when buying or collecting them. Knowing the differentiating factors between the two—age, rarity, condition, and craftsmanship. It can help you identify which type of vase you’re interested in. 

The next time you’re shopping for a vintage glass vase, remember these distinctions so you can make an educated purchase.

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