7 Glass Candy Jars Inspirations To Color Your Party Candy Buffet

Glass Jar Inspirations To Color Your Party Candy Buffet

Hosting a party? A candy glass jar buffet is something you need to pay attention to. Most people love sweets, and having a candy buffet can make your function successful in no time. Your guest will totally fall in love with the different colorful candies of the buffet.

If you are thinking of making the candy buffet highlight the party, you can decorate your candle buffet in a glass jar in many ways.

Let’s see how to create a colored candy buffet that can attract your guest. 

Things You Need to Consider Before Creating a Candy Buffet

Making a candy buffet at the party is a great idea, but you need to keep some things in mind before having a candy buffet at the party. 

Here are 2 things you need to consider before: 

  • You need to keep track of how many people are attending your party. Based on that, you can consider how many candies you have to keep in the buffet. 
  • Take a mixture of different types of candies. The same kind of candies can bore your guest, so you have to use the right mix of various candies. 

7 Glass Candy Jars Decoration Ideas

1. Green and Pink Candy in Glass Jars for Easter Party

To make this arrangement, you’ll need green and pink candies. All you have to do is put green and pink candies in a glass jar. To make it look lively, you have to use flowers and plants. 

Greenery with flowers will bring instant charm to your party buffet. Finish this arrangement by adding Lollipops, candy buttons, Sixlets, and rock candy. Your guest will surely love this arrangement. 

If you are having a small gathering or party, this candy buffet can be your main highlight. 

Green and Pink Candy in a Glass Jar for Easter Party
Source: flybyfun.com.au

2. Rainbow Candy Buffets for Any Rainbow Theme

Do you love rainbows? How about adding rainbow colors to your candy buffet? Yes, you can add 7 color candies to your party buffet. This will bring a lot of fun to your party. 

Add colorful candies to a glass jar and put them on a table. If you want, you can highlight one color in the rainbow buffet as well.

Rainbow Candy in Glass Jars Buffets for Any Rainbow Theme
Source: partycity.com

3. Pink and Blue Candy for Baby Shower Candy Buffet

This kind of party buffet is ideal for baby showers. When parents don’t know the sex of their baby, they can use this blue and pink color candy buffet. You can use this color theme for your party if you want to. 

The blue color shows the bold side, and the pink color indicates the soft side. To make this arrangement take some cake trays and glass jars and put candy in them. You can use a cake tray to keep a theme-colored cake. Put some pink cupcakes as well. 

This little arrangement will surely charm up your party. 

Pink and Blue Candy in Glass Jars for Baby Shower Candy Buffet
Source: Party InStyle Boutique

4. Get Classy with a Hint of Yellow for a Bridal Shower

Want to try yellow for your party, a candy glass jar buffet with this theme is a perfect idea. 

Use white chocolate pretzels, vanilla cupcakes, and vanilla meringues to make this candy buffet.  

Make sure to not use any colorful candy other than white, and your party buffet is done. It is all yellow bridal shower!

Yellow Candy in Glass Jars for Bridal Shower
Source: candybuffetsnj.com

5. Outdoor Party Candy Buffet

Having an outdoor party, this idea is surely made for you. In this arrangement, you need to put basic color candies like Peach and Mint. Put these pastel color candy in a glass jar, and with that, put orange and yellow color candies in small candy jars as well. 

This is the perfect party idea for summer. Honestly, it’s our favorite idea to try on, so you must give this candy buffet a chance. 

Candy Glass Jars for Outdoor Party
Source: candybuffet.com.au

6. White Wedding Bliss Candy Buffet

Elegant and simple, this all-white candy buffet is something you need for a family function. This gives a pure and calm vibe to the party. If you want to add up some more stuff, you can add flowers to give a pop of color. 

Prepare different shapes of small candy jars for white candies. Use a big white cake to make it look more efficient.

White Wedding Bliss Candy Glass Jar Buffet
Source: nuts.com

7. Playful Orange and Blue for Kids’ Birthday

Are you planning your kid’s birthday party? You must check out this idea. In this candy buffet idea, you need to use orange and blue color candy. 

You can use things like jelly beans, orange slices, and macarons to put in this buffet. Use cupcake liners to give this candy buffet a unique touch. Also, selecting suitable kitchenware makes this arrangement better. 

Make sure to add candies, cupcakes, and cloth in orange and blue colors. Add candies in a glass jar to make it look elegant.

Orange and Blue Candy in Glass Jars for Kids’ Birthday
Source: honeyandlime.com


Who doesn’t love candies? Everyone is fond of them. 

Incorporating glass jars into your party candy buffet is a fun and creative way to add a pop of color and personality to your event. By mixing and matching different sizes and colors of candy, you can create a visually appealing and delicious display that is sure to impress your guests.

Common FAQs on Candy Buffet DIY

1. How can I make my own candy buffet at a party?

Creating a candy buffet is not a very tough task. All you need to do is collect some colorful candies in different sizes of glass jars. Also, make sure to take the same color tablecloth. You can check out the blog for different ideas.

2. What is the best candy to put in my candy buffet?

Small-size and bit-size candies are best to put in any candy buffet. You can use candies like Skittles, jelly beans, M&M’s, and gumballs in your buffet. Also, make sure to add mini cupcakes and donut holes in addition.

3. What kind of containers are suitable for creating a candy buffet?

Glass material candy jars is the best choice. The color of the candies can be shown through the glass. It will be an important part of your decoration.
Choose a glass jar with a lid to keep your candy or cookies from getting wet.

Featured Image Source: orientaltrading.com

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