6 Pro Advantages Of Using Cylinder Vases At Weddings

cylinder vases

Wedding decoration is supposed to be fun and something people will talk about for a long time. There are many ways you can consider decorating a wedding space, and one of them is using cylinder vases. You will come across these as the most common in the market among the many options for cylinders. 

We want to see the key benefits of using cylinder vases at weddings and why you might also want to use them more often for other events. 


A cylinder vase remains some of the most highly versatile decors you can get at a wedding venue. We find it suitable for centerpieces on tables, decorative elements on ledges or shelves, or work as accent pieces on various spots in a venue.

These vases are also available in many sizes and shapes. As such, they can hold small flowers, tall branches and sometimes work as candle holders. The uses are quite many just for a single event. 

Versatility is still better with the materials used to make these vases. You will get many options, such as crystal, glass, ceramic, and more. You just have to choose the one that fits the wedding theme the best. 


Another benefit of a cylinder vase for weddings is that it is cost-effective. You will not have to spend much money to get them. Compared to some vases with too many designs, cylindrical vases are generally cheaper. The best part is that you can buy them in bulk, further lowering the price. 

Affordability also means you can save more on your wedding decoration. Considering weddings can be expensive, this is your chance to save more on your expenditure. 

Easy to Arrange

Setting up a cylinder vase is quite simple compared to the other shapes. You can simply fill the vase with candles, branches, and flowers. Once you are done, put them on various tables around the event, and you should be done. So long as they have been tastefully arranged, they are an excellent addition to your wedding space. 

You may not have to spend so much money on florists or decorators when they are simple to arrange. That is another way of saving money and personalizing the wedding decoration. 

Timeless and Elegant 

You may have noticed that a cylinder vase stays in style for a long. They are liked for offering a simple but timeless look. The best part is how you can dress them up or down; they will look good as part of the wedding. 

Whether you want a classic, traditional, or modern look for a wedding, they will do a good job of getting you there. The cylinder vases also fit seamlessly into other existing decors at the wedding venue. 

Easy to Transport and Store 

Because you would not be dealing with complicated shapes or designs, the cylinder vases remain easy to transport and store. Most are made out of sturdy materials such as ceramic and glass. This means they will not be easily damaged while in transit. 

Also, the cylinder vases have a simple and uniform shape. This allows for ease of stacking, and storage can be quite simple. We see that they would not take up too much space. 


Using the cylinder vase is not the end. We find it good for also other occasions or even decorating your home. So long as you have any other special events, consider getting such vases for decorating the venue. 

Flower cylinder vases
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Ways to Incorporate Cylinder Vases into Wedding

In case you would want to decorate with a cylinder vase, there are a couple of expert tips to keep in mind. Check them out below. 


This is the most popular way to use a cylinder vase in a wedding setup. You can use a single vase on each table or combine several vases on a single table to form a cluster. To create beautiful centerpieces, put several flowers, branches, or other decorations in the vases. 

Some other decorative pieces include ribbons, beads, stones, and more for extra elegance. 

Aisle Decorations

Cylindrical vases can also be ideal for decorating the aisle at a wedding ceremony. Once you are done with the decoration, place the vases on the ground along the aisle. Depending on the size and design, you may also place them on stands or hang them from chairs. Of course, filling with flowers is a great option for creating a romantic atmosphere. 

Buffet Table Decorations

You will likely have a buffet at a wedding to serve your guests. It does not have to be boring as you may consider adding decorations too. The buffet table could use cylinder vases with fresh branches or flowers to add color and elegance. 

Another use for these vases would be to hold napkins, utensils, and other small items on the table. As you can see, these vases can be stylish and functional simultaneously. 

Entrance Decorations 

The cylindrical vases are also great for decorating the entrance of a wedding venue. Start by placing them on either side of the entrance door or walkway. Proceed to fill them with flowers of different shapes and colors. Just make sure they complement each other. Consider adding LED light to the vases for a magical and dramatic effect. 

Hanging Decorations 

The cylinder vase can also be hung from the ceiling or tall stands at a wedding venue. This is a great way of creating a unique and stunning look. Make sure to fill them with the best and most fresh flowers since they will be a center of attraction. We recommend hanging them at varying heights for a romantic ambiance. 


One thing we can learn about a cylinder vase is that it can be elegant, low maintenance, versatile, and cost-effective. With various sizes available, you can always choose one that blends in with your decoration. We have also highlighted various ways of decorating the cylinder vase, ensuring it looks the absolute best during the wedding. Try such a vase to see how it works for your occasion.

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