5 Amazing Popular Hanging Terrarium For Home Wall Decor

hanging terrariums

One thing we like about home decor is that you can always find interesting ways to improve it. One such way is to consider hanging terrariums on your home’s walls. It is a nice detour from using paintings and photos as part of the decoration. Just make sure that you decorate the hanging terrarium quite well to leave you with beautiful art on the wall. 

So, what are your options for hanging terrariums? 

You might be confused about which one to settle for. In that case, we are here to help you choose the best terrarium for home wall decor. 

Below, we look at the top 5 options to consider buying today for a hanging terrarium. 

Wall Glass Hanging Planter

This hanging terrarium features a spherical shape design which should be good to incorporate in different homes. Also, the shape works well with different plant types. This means having an easy time decorating with the plants you like. 

There are small holes at the top of the terrariums. This makes installing them on the wall easier with the provided mounting accessories. 

Some might be worried that since it is glass, then the terrarium might be too fragile. However, that is totally different since these products are made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This glass is heat resistant in addition to being highly durable. 

The best part is that the hanging terrarium is also multipurpose. This is because of the many plants you could use with them. Examples include ivy, moss, and even fake succulent plants. Still, you can use it both indoors and outdoors easily. 

In case you enjoy DIY projects, this can be your first project. You can easily paint them to match the interior wall color or just hang them as they are for a beautiful look. 

plant hanging terrarium

Wall Hanging Propagation Tubes

This is another good choice for those who want simple but elegant home terrariums. The terrariums have a minimalist look combined with metal holders to provide a beautiful look. Seeing the set of terrarium jars hang on the wall is generally stylish. 

We find the set good for acting as a display and also adding root plant cuttings. We recommend various cuttings to bring out a bigger effect on the terrariums. 

The assembly part will take only a few minutes, and expect it to be done by anyone. The set has a nice DIY potential where you can use different plants in it. Small flowers or single roses may also be a way of decorating them. 

Holding the jars and metal holders in hand makes you feel they have been well-crafted. As such, you would not have to worry about the hanging terrarium falling apart easily. The durability makes it possible to reuse them the whole year. 

Being transparent means the plants can be exposed to maximum light absorption to thrive better. You would also like to see the daily changes to the plants, including the growth of roots. 

In case you are huge on gifting, we always recommend you try this nice option. The set is ideal for birthdays, housewarming, Christmas, and more.

wall hanging terrarium

Hanging Plant Propagation Stations

This one takes a cute approach to having a hanging terrarium for home wall decor. We like the retro wooden frame combined with glass bud vases. Expect them to add a modern and cool accent to the wall. We also see them as eye-catching decorative home decor that makes your wall decorations even better. 

We recommend starting with this one if you need to propagate succulents in style. The best part is how they will be easily visible through the transparent glass vases for you to monitor their growth. 

As for the installation, it is generally easy, and it should take a little time to be done. If you need to change the water, simply pull the glass vase from the wood holder and change it. With such simplicity, maintaining clean terrariums is now easy. 

The set is the best gift for plant lovers. Let us say it is a special event, and you have no ideas for the best gift; now you do. We also recommend the same for office setups other than homes.

wall hanging planter

Hanging Glass Plant Terrarium

This set is for those seeking versatility. This is because it comes in 5 different shapes in one package. As such, you can always enjoy having a different look for each wall or putting them all together in place. 

It is still a functional set of hanging terrariums. This is because, unlike other terrariums, you can use the same for propagation. Simply pick your clippings, put them in the clear vases, and have a nice, cute way of displaying them. 

The set features high-quality glass material. The terrariums are made of high borosilicate glass, which should withstand the elements better. The openings are also big enough for you to clean them easily.

wall vase

Hanging Glass Globes Terrarium

This is a great choice for those who want better-hanging terrariums for their homes. It has a big opening to make it easy to put the plant into the terrarium. Once you are done, there is a string that allows for attaching and hanging the terrarium. It is a smooth process for most people. 

We find the design useful for weddings, receptions, celebrations, and more other than hanging them in your home. The shape of the glass globes means that you can hang the terrariums on the wall or still place them on a flat surface without a problem. 

The affordability is also good enough to make people consider it. Even though it is affordable, the overall material quality still remains outstanding. You would not have to worry about it breaking easily.

plant vase


Now that you have options ensure you enjoy utilizing the hanging terrarium in your home. Choose from the options above the one you feel works better for your home decor and have it set up. Consider buying it as a gift for someone who loves terrariums or plants in general.

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