15 Gorgeous Candle Centerpieces For Autumn Wedding Reception

Clear Candle Holders Wedding Centerpieces

Every couple wants their wedding reception to be perfect. A wedding is one of the biggest events of a person’s life. So it is necessary to keep an eye on every detail of the wedding. Wedding decor plays a massive role in any wedding reception ceremony because everyone adores a wedding with stunning centerpieces. Clear candle holders centerpieces are an elegant choice for a wedding reception because the light feels warm and romantic. Especially if you are having a fall-season wedding, a candle centerpiece is ideal.

We came up with 15 gorgeous candle centerpieces ideas for the autumn season. 

First, let’s see what is the best theme color for a fall wedding. 

4 Best Theme Colours For Your Autumn Wedding Reception 

1. Marigold and Orange 

Are you having an October wedding? This wedding color plate is perfect for you? Yellow and brunt orange will make your wedding vibrate in the fall season. This is a bold and trendy color choice that will make you stand out in the crowd. 

2. Blush Pink and Red 

These 2 colors will definitely give fall vibes to guests and your wedding decor. This combo can work in the fall season for any place or time. Imagine a boutique of light pink and dark red blooms in autumn weddings. Perfect, isn’t it? 

3. Black and White Wedding Colors

The black and white combo looks elegant in every season, but it creates magic in the fall season. Yes, the classic black and white will make your wedding reception look different from other weddings. 

4. Deep Red and Ivory Wedding Colors

You can never go wrong with rich colors like red for a fall wedding. And if we combine it with ivory, it will look amazing. This color plate will definitely make your wedding mesmerizing. 

15 Gorgeous Candle Centerpieces For Your Fall Wedding 

1. Place Candles in Textured Clear Candle Holders

For this centerpiece, take some textured clear candle holders and put votive candles in them. This is a simple but effective candle centerpiece idea for your fall wedding. 

Put these candles with textured glass on the dinner table with bouquets. It will add charm to your table, and this simple idea can give a glowing effect to your wedding table. 

Place Candles in Textured Clear Candle Holders
Source: Bjhunt

2. Use Small Candles in Mismatched Clear Candle Holders

This idea may sound simple, but it can give an elegant look to your wedding table. In this, you have to take some mismatched clear candle holders and put small candles in them. 

This is the perfect centerpiece for your wedding cake table. Mismatch glass holders will add uniqueness to your cake table. 

Use Small Candles in Mismatched Clear Candle Holders
Source: vivaterra.com

3. Colored Taper Candles for Wedding Centerpieces

Want a luxurious fall wedding? This centerpiece is a perfect fit for you. If you want to enhance the beauty of your wedding decor, colorful candles can do wonders. 

These centerpieces work best for you if you have a rustic theme wedding. Your guests will feel warm and special with this candle centerpiece. 

Colorful Clear Candle Holders
Source: notonthehighstreet.com

4. Create Floating Candle Holders

Looking for a budget-friendly option? This floating candle centerpiece is for you. You don’t have to put much effort into setting this centerpiece. You have to take some cylinder glass vases and fill water in them.

Now put a small candle in each glass vase. This simple centerpiece will make your wedding decor look more attractive in no time. 

Make Floating Candles in Clear Candle Holders
Source; jpeventsanddesign.com

5. Crystal Candle Holder

Do you love crystal candle holders? Then this centerpiece will impress you. Just buy some good crystal holders at affordable prices and make your wedding decor look stunning. 

It may be possible you don’t get them at a low price, in that case, you can rent them. 

Crystal Clear Candle Holder
Source: papashoppe.com

6. Hang Votives Clear Candle Holders

Want to create a unique centerpiece? This one will work for you. In this, you have to hang votive candles which turn your wedding decor into a romantic place.

With that, you can keep pillars and votives on the floor. So this way, you can create an amazing centerpiece without using clear candle holders. 

Hang Votives Clear Candle Holders
Source: save-on-crafts.com

7. Add Votive Candles to Side Tables

Why focus only on the dinner table in wedding decor? Side tables are also a thing. In this centerpiece idea, put votive candles in clear candle holders on the side tables of the reception. 

You can add a pink color boutique with these clear candle holders. This colorful setup will bring so much elegance to your decor. 

Add Votive Clear Candle Holders to Side Tables
Source: essenziale-hd.com

8. Use Candlesticks and Taper Candles

You can’t go wrong with this idea; all you need is white taper candles and gold candlesticks. Put the candle over the candlestick and fill the table with greenery, fruit accents, and small white votives.

These things will create an amazing centerpiece for your dinner table. If you want to try out something other than clear candle holders, try out this idea. 

Yellow Clear Candle Holders for Fall Wedding Centerpieces
Source: glasseam.com

9. Fill Open Spaces

Wedding venues sometimes have so many open spaces that they look dull, such as the fireplace and stairs. To make it work, you can fill these areas with candles in clear candle holders. 

You have to take some clear candle holders and put candles in them and then fill all the open space of the venue. This will light up your wedding decor. 

Fill Open Spaces with Clear Candle Holders
Source: decoist.com

10. Mix and Match Metallic and Glass

What if we mix clear candle holders and metallic holders? This combo will look amazing in your fall wedding. So take both types of jars and put them on the cake table.

You have to keep tealight and a votive candle in these jars. So you can try out this idea for an elegant decoration.

Mix and Match Metallic and Glass
Source: madeiralinencollector.blogspot.com

11. Mix Candles on Wedding Table

Take some different types of candles for this centerpiece. You have to add taper candles and votive candles together in this idea. 

The perfect pair of different candles will charm up your wedding decor. This is a unique centerpiece idea to add to your decor. 

Mix Candles with Clear Candle Holders
Source: amieboneflowers.com

12. Create Modern Centerpieces

Noting can beat candles in a romantic feel, but if you want to give your candle centerpiece a modern look, then try out this idea. 

In these centerpieces, use clear cylinder vases like the given pic. Place pillar candles in each cylinder. Selecting different heights of clear cylinder vases will enhance the chic feeling.

Use Clear Candle Holders to Create Modern Centerpieces
Source: lifeinbloomchicago.com

13. Do Something Unexpected

Ok, but you may didn’t expect this idea. In this, you can put candles under the table. 

This is unexpected, but your guest will love this for sure. You can use clear candle holders to put the candles. This prevents the candle from falling over if it is not placed stably. Also, these clear candle holders prevent wax from staining floors.

Put Clear Candle Holders Under the Table
Source: today.com

14. Accent With Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms with candles sounds good, right? All you need to do is put both of them together. You have to search for a specific location for your wedding reception to try out this idea. 

But it is one of the best ideas to put on your fall wedding decor. 

Clear Candle Holders with Cherry Blossoms
Source: pink-book.co.za

15. Design a Show-Stopping Staircase

Why do left stairs without any centerpiece when we are decorating the full wedding venue? In this centerpiece, try to decorate your stair like the given picture with the lantern. 

Enhance the romantic ambiance for your wedding venue all day, especially for your night wedding party!

Decorate Stairs with Clear Candle Holders Lanterns
Source: in.pinterest.com


Incorporating candles into your wedding reception decor is perfect for the autumn season. With a wide variety of candle centerpieces to choose from, you can find one that perfectly complements your wedding theme and color palette. The right candle centerpiece can help you achieve your desired effect and make your special day even more memorable.

Common FAQs on Wedding Centerpieces Decor

1. What are the rules of wedding centerpieces (The Don’ts And Do’s)

Here are some don’ts and do’s of wedding centerpieces. 

Mix and match the long and short centerpiece 
Use seasonal flowers for budget-friendly decor
Feel comfortable doing DIY

Don’t pay attention to table shape
Don’t limit your creativity 

2. Do my reception centerpieces need to match?

No, they don’t need to match. In fact, mix and match work better in centerpieces.

Featured Image Source: WithJoy

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