14 Instagram-Worthy Glass Bud Vase Centerpieces For Any Wedding

Instagram-Worthy Wedding Glass Bud Vase Centerpieces

We can’t ignore wedding decor when it comes to weddings. All the guests pay attention to your wedding decor, or even you want your wedding venue to look gorgeous with amazing centerpieces. If you are looking for a good centerpiece option, then a glass bud vase is a good choice for you. Bud vases create amazing short table centerpieces that look elegant and are also budget-friendly. 

On top of that, nowadays, everyone loves to post their happy moments on Instagram; in that case, your bud vase centerpiece will surely stand out in pictures. 

So if you want to know how to make a good centerpiece using a glass bud vase, we are here. 

This blog will give you 14 ideas to play with bud vases. So let’s start! 

1. Use of Colored Vases

Don’t want a faded wedding, then what can be better than a colorful centerpiece? And for that, you need to use colored bud vases. Colored bud vases add fresh vibes to your wedding centerpieces. 

So you need a colored glass bud vase and pair it with pale blush, peach roses, and fluffy Pampas grass. The pampas grass will add a rustic touch to your wedding. 

Colorful Glass Bud Vase
Source: glasseam.com

2. Add Jewel-toned Blossoms

Flowers are the best way to decorate your wedding, and they add a pop of colors to your wedding venue. So take some glass bud vases and put colorful flowers in them. 

You can add a taper candle around the bud vases to make this centerpiece more lively. This small arrangement on your table will add a lot of charm to your wedding. 

Pink Flowers in Glass Bud Vase
Source: HeyVase

3. Mix and Match Glass Bud Vases

Mix-and-match bud vases are a great way to add vintage vibes to your dinner tale. So in this centerpiece, you need to take some different types and sizes of bus vases and put them together on a table. 

You have to put seasonable flowers in the glass bud vase to make them look fulfilled. This mix and match will definitely bring elegance to your wedding decor. 

Mix and Match Glass Bud Vases
Source: seanasflowers.com

4. Greenery and Baby’s Breath

If you don’t want to add up so many colorful flowers, this idea will work for you. You have to take a glass bud vase and add fresh baby breath into it. 

You can add baby breath with some greenery, and this combo will give peaceful vibes to your wedding. If you are having a white theme wedding, this is the perfect centerpiece for you. 

Greenery and Baby’s Breath in Glass Bud Vases
Source: Pinterest.com

5. Add Hydrangea in Clear Bud Vases

We all want at least one hydrangea centerpiece in our wedding, and this is the perfect idea for you. The Hydrangea centerpiece looks amazing and smells heavenly. That’s why most people consider hydrangea centerpieces in their weddings. 

In this centerpiece, you can add hydrangea in blue or clear bud vases. This mixture of white and blue looks fresh and fun. This is a good choice if you have an outdoor venue. 

Hydrangea in Glass Bud Vases
Source: ENOVA HOME Store

6. Rustic Details

Love the rustic themes; you gonna love this idea. Think about mini bud vases with a cluster of flowers; sounds amazing, right? So you have to do is take a glass bud vase and put white roses into it. 

The white roses will bring calmness to the dinner table. And this centerpiece is going to look amazing in Instagram pictures. 

Wthie Rose in Glass Bud Vase for a Rustic Feeling
Source: Pinterest.com

7. Pink Bud Vases

Glass bud vases look boring if we use them frequently at weddings; that’s when pink bud vases come into the picture. Pink is a vibrating color and can make your wedding decor look more lively in a few minutes. 

So buy some pink bud vases and put pink and red roses into them. Put them on your dinner table. This centerpiece is perfect for a colorful theme wedding. 

Pink Bud Vases
Source: Pinterest.com

8. Mismatch Flowers in Bud Vases

Mismatching is a great option if used wisely. The same goes for wedding centerpieces. In this centerpiece, you can use different types of flowers in one centerpiece, use feature roses, tulips, and greenery in glass bud vases. 

If you want to give it a more unique touch, you can use a mixture of bud vases like white, gold, and clear.

So this idea will work best for you if you want to try something different. 

Mismatch Flowers in Glass Bud Vases

9. Use of In-season Blooms

While giving ideas for every season of weddings, this idea will work for every season of weddings. All you need to do is use blooms in a glass bud vase. For a spring-season wedding, you need to use seasonable flowers like daffodils, lilacs, forget-me-nots, and roses. 

This way, it will apply for every season as per your wedding. This is a cool idea to try on. And it will look fresh and romantic on your wedding table. 

Use of In-season Blooms in Glass Bud Vases
Source: themummyfront.com

10. Go for Minimal Vases

Your wedding centerpiece doesn’t need to be a full-on bouquet. Your table can look good with minimal effect. You need to put just one of 2 flowers in a glass mini vase, and you are done. 

Minimal gives a neat and clean vibe to your wedding table. The minimal centerpiece makes your table look gorgeous because of less stuff. 

Minimal Glass Bud Vases

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11. Only One Stem

If you don’t want to go for a full flower arrangement, this idea is good for you. So you need to put one stem in a glass bud vase. No colorful flowers and all. This will add a green touch to your table. 

You need to put single stems in mini bud vases and then put them on your wedding table. This is a fun centerpiece to create. 

Only One Stem in a Glass Bud Vase
Source: littleacreflowers.com

12. Incorporate Wood Slabs with Bud Vases

Want to give a rustic touch to your wedding table? Nothing can beat this centerpiece idea. You have to buy some wood slabs and put them on your dinner table. 

Now use bud vases to give a rustic look. This centerpiece will add so much to your wedding. An Instagram picture of your table will look amazing with this centerpiece. 

Incorporate Wood Slabs with Glass Bud Vases
Source: themummyfront.com

13. Go for Bold-colored Flowers

If you are having an outdoor wedding, then you need to add a lot of colors to your wedding. Your centerpiece needs to stand out in an outdoor wedding. That’s by going with bold flowers is a great idea for you. 

All you need to do is put some bold-colored flowers in a glass bud vase. Flowers like peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, and lilies stand out on the table. Use taller and shorter vases to make it look better. 

Bold-colored Flowers in Glass Bud Vases
Source: yorkshirepetals.co.uk

14. Monocraomatic Centerpieces

If you carve for a clean and modern arrangement, this idea is a good fit for you. Put some bougainvillea flowers in a simple glass bud vase. And you are done with the centerpiece. 

If you don’t want to add tons of flowers, this idea will work for you. 

Flower and Candle Table Runners
Source: stonehouseweddings.com


Every wedding needs amazing centerpieces to take Instagram-worthy pictures. And you can create so many amazing centerpieces by using glass bud vases

For all the brides-to-be and wedding planners, Glasseam provides the most trendy decorations of the moment. If you’re too busy to plan your own wedding decorations, choose from our suggestions for ideas that best suit your wedding style! You can’t go wrong with these ideas!

Featured Image Source: countryliving.com

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