14 Clear Vase Centerpieces For Summer Weddings That Will Make Your Table Shine

Clear Flower Vases for Wedding

You’ve booked the venue and reserved tables for your wedding and are all set to tie the knot. But you’re missing out on the most important and difficult part, which is decoration. You can’t keep clear flower vases decoration in second place while having a great venue. 

Table centerpieces are a great way to decorate your wedding venue. But it’s not easy to get creative in the messy environment of the wedding. That’s why we collected the 14 best wedding centerpiece ideas for your wedding table. 

These ideas are specially for summer weddings, so if you’re having a summer wedding. You must check them out. 

So let’s start! 

1. Find Your Favorite Flower

A summer wedding is all about colorful vibes. You must need various flower arrangement for a summer wedding, and this idea top the list. 

Adding your favorite flower to your wedding will connect you with the decoration. So put your favorite flower in clear flower vases on your dinner table. You can add a mix of 3 to 4 flowers to make it more elegant. 

Clear Flower Vases
Source: rejectshop.com.au

2. Go Green with Clear Flower Vases

In summer, we automatically attract to greenery. Greenery gives a relaxed vibe in summer. So why not add it to your table decor? It will bring charm to your wedding with warm vibes. 

So all you have to do is take some vibrant grass and put it in clear flower vases. And fill the table with a wooden runner and candle to match the vibe of greenery. 

Go Green with Clear Flower Vases
Source: weddingconnexion.com

3. Showcase Blooms

Want to give a tropical or desert-inspired vibe to your summer wedding, this one is a perfect idea for you. Solo flowers like king protea can make your table centerpiece look amazing. 

So you have to put a king protea in a clear vase, and your centerpiece is done. Keep it on your dinner table to charm up your function.

Blooms in Clear Flower Vases
Source: marrymetampabay.com

4. Play with Marigolds

Warm and eco-friendly marigold is a great option to decorate any wedding. This bloom can instantly make you happy with its color and amazing smell. 

The good thing about putting marigolds is they are super affordable and make a bold centerpiece for your wedding table. And marigolds are a perfect choice for a summer wedding. 

Marigolds with Clear Flower Vases
Source: theknot.com

5. Floral Garland

Want all the attention of your guest at your dinner table; this idea will work for you. In this, you have to use a floral garland in a way that it spans across the full length of the table. 

And if you want to make it more impactful, you can overflow it to the floor. This centerpiece will look very creative on your wedding table. 

Clear Flower Vases and Greenery Table Runner
Source: stylemepretty.com

6. Use Cherry blossoms

Want a flawless centerpiece for your summer wedding? Nothing can beat cherry blossom. The long branches of cheery blossom can easily make your guest fall in love with your decor. 

Add a few cheery blossoms in clear flower vases or put them alone on the table. These centerpieces will give a romantic feel to your wedding. This is a subtle yet elegant centerpiece to try on. 

Cherry Blossoms in Clear Flower Vases
Source: stylemepretty.com

7. Add Pampas in Clear Flower Vases

Do you love rustic and boho themes and having a summer wedding? This centerpiece is a good choice for you. Add Pampas grass and dried flower in clear flower vases. The mixture of these 2 is enough to add charm to your dinner table. 

if you want to make it more beautiful, you can add some flowers with pampas grass and candles that will also add a colorful touch to this simple centerpiece. 

Pampas in Clear Flower Vases
Source: Lovegood Rentals

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8. Use Tonal Flowers

If you want to try out something different at your wedding, then check out this idea. Use the tonal shade in a vase instead of using rainbow color flowers. 

Try to give a pastel look to your centerpiece to make it stand out on your wedding table. This centerpiece will definitely change the vibes of your wedding decor. 

Tonal Flowers
Source: brides.com

9. Add a Wood Touch

Want to give a woody touch to your wedding, this idea is for you. Using the wooden table. And single flower in a simple glass bud vase.

Wood touch will add so much elegance to a summer wedding. You can make it look better by adding votives and taper candles in a glass vase

Clear Flower Vases on Wooden Table
Source: weddingandevents.co.uk

10. Break Out Palm Fronds

Palm fronds can give a classy vibe with a modern touch. So put some palm fronds with white flowers in clear flower vases. While palm gives beachy vibes, flowers and vases will add a minimalist touch to this centerpiece. 

You must try out this amazing centerpiece in your wedding for its happy and green vibes. 

Palm Fronds in Clear Flower Vases
Source: scarletpetal.typepad.com

11. Use Vibrant Anthurium

A summer wedding is all about flowers and colors. And Anthurium is a perfect fit for a wedding centerpiece. They look chic and gorgeous. 

So line up the vibrant and clear flower vases filled with Anthurium on your dinner table. You can go playful style by adding 4 to 5 vibrant anthuriums and can keep it minimal by adding only 2 anthuriums.

Anthurium in Clear Flower Vases
Source: Pinterest.com

12. Decorate with Sunflowers

Yellow is one of the happy colors for your summer wedding. But how to bring yellow to your wedding table? The answer is a sunflower; yes, displaying clear flower vases with sunflowers as a centerpiece is a trend now. 

Add sunflower to the mental pot to give it summer vibes. This will add fun to your wedding decor.  

Sunflowers in Clear Flower Vases
Source: Pinterest.com

13. Pick Fresh Fruit

Talking about summers and forgetting fruit is not possible. And what if we mix fruits and fresh flowers in a table centerpiece? You have to combine some different seasonable flowers in clear flower vases. 

Add seasonable fruits like sliced kiwis, lemons, and pomegranates. And put them together on a table. This centerpiece will look bright with hot summer vibes. 

Fresh Fruits around Clear Flower Vases
Source: Pinterest.com

14. Embrace the Desert

Summer has bright and sunshine vibes, and what can be more effective than a desert cactus? On a bright and sunny day of your wedding, this centerpiece will win the heart of your guests. 

So to add some sunny vibes to your wedding, you can definitely give this centerpiece a try. 

Desert Cactus
Source: weddingwire.com


A summer wedding is all about warm and bright feelings. The table centerpiece is one of the main things when it comes to any wedding. And to make it easy, we have come up with the 14 best table centerpiece ideas for your summer wedding. 

You can easily add these centerpieces to your wedding table because they are budget-friendly and look amazing.

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