13 Unique Ways To Dress Up Your Glass Vases

Vintage Colored Glass Vases

Vases are a great way to adorn any table or counter space. You can choose various vase shapes and sizes to fit any room decor. However, glass is one of the most popular materials for your vases due to its versatility. It also comes in many shapes and colors, whereas vintage colored glass vases look adorable. 

Have you ever tried to make your glass vases look prettier by decorating them? You’re not alone. There are thousands of people who use vintage colored glass vases, and they create amazing crafts or even home decorations with them. The best thing is it takes a little time.

Glass Vases are a great alternative to metallic or plastic bottles and jars. You can use them for various functions, as these vases add class to your table decor and offer versatility and a timeless feel over the years to come. Importantly, glass vases are beautiful on their own, but don’t get me wrong, they could use a little dressing up every once in a while.

Are you planning to give someone a vase filled with flowers or anything? Or are you going somewhere for a party or outing and want to decorate your vintage colored glass vases? Let’s explore some spectacular ideas to dress up glass vases!

1- Twine Vintage Glass Vases

Twine is a great way to dress up your vintage colored glass vases. You can also use small fabric or ribbon instead of twine for this look. If you want to make the knot more intricate, use a piece of yarn instead of twine so that it will be easier for you to tie the knot around the vase. 

It’s time to think outside the vase. No doubt, twine is a great way to accentuate your vases. It’s easy to use, and we can wrap it in any color you like.

Twine Vintage Colored Glass Vases

2- Glass Vases With Burlap

Just wrap burlap around the outside of a glass vase, then hot glue it down. The burlap will hide the seam and add texture to your decor. 

This is great for tall, skinny vases with little color or pattern. Burlap is a natural fabric with a rough texture and comes in various colors. 

It’s not only perfect for adding color to your home decor but it can also be used as a decorative element in vases, frames,s and more.

Vintage Colored Glass Vases With Burlap

3- Use Raffia To Dress Up Glass Flower Vase

Raffia is a natural material that comes from palm trees, and it’s perfect for covering up vintage colored glass vases. It’s inexpensive, easy to find at craft stores, and looks elegant when added to your centerpieces. The best part is that you can use it repeatedly by adding water to the raffia each time you use it!

Use Raffia To Dress Up Vintage Colored Glass Vases

4- Decorate Small Glass Vases With Lace

When decorating a house, more often than not, people need help finding the right kind of vases. They either love the design but hate the color or vice versa. But there are some ways to make all vintage colored glass vases look good, no matter their design or color. 

Therefore, lace or netting around the top of the vase will give it a vintage look and feel. Stick some flowers in it! You can’t go wrong with flowers. They go great with any color scheme and add instant warmth to any room.

Vintage Colored Glass Vases With Lace

5- Decor Vintage Colored Glass Vases By Glitter & Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a great way to dress up vintage colored glass vases. It’s easy to use, so you can add glitter to create a dazzling effect. It’s a nice way to add a little sparkle and glamour. 

Also, it’s so easy to do. Just mod-podge the outside of the glass vase and sprinkle on some glitter. Let it dry, and voila! You’ve got a shiny new vase that’s ready for action.

Here is a video guide for you to know how to use Mod Podge to make glitter vintage colored glass vases

Make Vintage Colored Glass Vases By Glitter

6- Duct Tape Around Glass Vases

If your vintage colored glass vases lack that extra pizzazz, try wrapping them with duct tape for a unique look! Of course, it’s a good option if you want something temporary but still make a statement. The duct tape strips have an excellent effect on this vase. However, the transparent color of the tape adds depth to the design and gives the vase a nice texture.

Duct Tape Around Vintage Colored Glass Vases

7- Glass Vase Decorate With Fabric

Glass small vases have many different styles and sizes. Thus, you can choose the one that fits your room best. You can make these vases more beautiful by dressing them up with fabric or lace. This way, they will look like real flowers, but at the same time, they will be much more original than just placing a bouquet in it!

Vintage Colored Glass Vases With Fabric

8- Faux Jewels Or Gems

Glass vases are a staple for weddings, and they’re also great for showcasing your favorite art. But rather than wearing the typical clear glass look, why not dress up your vase with some glittering gems? If you’re looking for easy ways to dress up a glass vase, then this is the perfect DIY. Of course, you can use faux jewels or gems around the bottom of your vase for an elegant look.

Faux Jewels Or Gems

9- Paint Sharpie Or Paint Pen 

If you want something simple and inexpensive, try using Sharpie markers to draw designs around your glass vase. This will give it a fun, colorful look that brightens up your home. 

Importantly, glass paint pens and Sharpies are an easy way to personalize your glassware and make it look more expensive than it is. You can use them to add designs, write names or even create monograms.

Use Paint Sharpie To Design Vintage Colored Glass Vases

10- Glitter Pen

You can use glitter pens to decorate your empty glass vases. It’s easy and fun to do, and it doesn’t take much time, either. 

You can even make your own craft paper with glitter pens if you like. The finished product would look great as part of an art piece or as a gift for someone special in your life!

Further, you can glitter paint in your favorite design or just leave it plain and simple! If you don’t want to use color, try a sharpie instead! It gives off the same effect without all the mess! A glitter pen enhances the beauty of a glass vase.

Use Glitter Pen To Design Vintage Colored Glass Vases

11- Glue stickers

Gluing stickers around the outside of your vases is another great way to dress up those boring glass containers! You can even use different colored stickers if you’d like! 

This is also a great option to keep things simple because little work is involved! Glue stickers to the vases add a little color and pattern. You can find a variety of sticker sheets at most craft stores. And the best part is that they’re reusable!

Use Glue Stickers To Design Vintage Colored Glass Vases

12- Wrapping Paper To Dress Up Your Vases

vintage colored glass vases are a great way to add color and texture to your home. But sometimes, you want to go beyond the basics and make them into something more exciting. Wrapping paper makes sense whenever you want to dress up glass vases.

Wrapping Paper To Dress Up Vintage Colored Glass Vases

13- Marbleized Vase

Marbleized glass is unique. Using this type of material will add a sense of luxury and elegance to your home. 

The best part about using these types of vases is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of vases on the market today. The texture and pattern of this vase itself are the best decoration

Marbleized Vase


Vintage colored glass vases have become an increasingly popular décor item over the last few years. If you want a quick and simple way to dress up your home, vases are always the best choice. Our simple decorating ideas can make your vases outstanding and unique!

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