What Plants Can You Put In A Plant Propagation Station

plant propagation station

Plants are a beautiful gift of nature because they add serenity to our surroundings. Their verdant greeny can transform any dull place into a vibrant and blissful spot. Moreover, growing them in a plant propagation station can make a remarkable showpiece for your home.

Also, they can be helpful for you to grow new plants from the stems of parent plants in an organized and beautiful way. Thus, moving further with this blog, you will find some elegant plants to put in propagation stands.

13 Eye-Catchy Plants You Can Use in Plant Propagation Stations

Growing plants in a propagation station is truly a great idea as it helps the plant to grow faster. Also, this act as a wonderful showpiece for the decor of homes. Therefore, here are some plants that you can use in plant propagation stands.

1] Boston Ferns

Boston Ferns are also known as sword ferns due to their long and narrow stems. They are impeccable for any plant propagation station because of the lush green foliage that it creates while growing. Moreover, it is easy to grow Boston fern till you take care of the moisture, sunlight, and temperature. Also, they are considered for inviting good vibes to the home, so placing them on doorways will be great.

2] Peace Lily

A peace lily is truly wonderful to make your indoors calm and peaceful. It is one of the best plants to propagate in water. It will be a gorgeous addition to your house interior when placed in a glass vessel. Thus, all these reasons give it a place in the list of plants to put in a plant propagation station.

3] Spider Plant

With its narrow shape and pointy leaves spider plant is another plant that propagates well in the plant propagation station. These produce miniature versions of them called Spiderettes. You can pluck them and plant them in the same station to root with the parent plant. This can give you beautiful foliage of this plant. However, if you want a fully new spider plant, then once the spider ettes develop a node, you can snip them off from the parent plant and place them in the soil or water.

4] Chinese Money Plant

Chinese plants are easier to propagate as these plants do the job itself for you. Just wait until the plant gives you small babies on its own. Further, you can pluck them carefully and place them into the plant propagation stands. However, make sure that the seedling has developed a proper root system to support the plant.

5] Arrowhead Plant

The plant gets its name from the arrow-shaped leaves of it. Arrowhead plants can easily root in water, making it fabulous for a plant propagation station. Thus, you can cut a stem of it and can grow a new one from it. Apart from this, arrowhead can also be propagated with the division method. It requires indirect sunlight and less watering, so you won’t have to worry a lot when propagating an arrowhead plant.

6] Snake Plant

Snake plants are great at purifying the atmosphere and are suitable for plant propagation stations. They can be grown easily in indirect sunlight and warm temperature. You can propagate it through leaf cutting. However, the division method can be easier for you. Besides, their ability to absorb toxins makes them splendid for living spaces.

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7] Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is placed on the list of plants to put in a vegetative propagation station because it produces new pups often. You can easily find new pups in the base of a healthy aloe vera plant, and using it, you can fully grow a new one. Moreover, it is a succulent, so you have to leave the pups to scab for a few days before putting them in the propagation stand.

8] Pothos

Pothos will be fabulous for a plant propagation station because you can shape them to climb or grow as hanging plants. As they grow, you can trim them to become bushy and compact. Also, they take very less time to propagate, which means in a short period of time, you will have long, beautiful tendrils hanging in your home.

9] Begonia

The plant is popular with its white polka dots on the upper sides of the leaves. You can easily grow a new one by just placing a single stem in the plant propagation station. Make sure to cut the stem only with a node and a leaf. It takes a few months to develop the root densely, but once it matures, it is unstoppable. Moreover, it is easy to maintain, which is why it is one of the favorites of plant lovers.

10] ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are easy to take care of and are playful because they tend to grow new leave frequently. It will be an ideal choice for the plant propagation station. The plant has a tube-like rhizome at the base of each stem that can be used to propagate the plant. 

You need to cut the stem carefully and place it in water in a bright sunny spot. It will take a few weeks to grow a new rhizome at the base and start putting out the roots.

11] Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreens are great for giving your home a serene and aesthetic appearance. It can be propagated by cutting a few inches of its stem and placing it into a plant propagation stand with water. Moreover, keep in mind that growing a plant in water requires direct sunlight. Thus, choose a spot favorable spot for it.

12] Tradescantia

Tradescantia comes in varieties and is also known as spiderwort. It is perfect for growing in a plant propagation station because of the node and leaves on the stem. In every inch of the stem, you will find a joint which is why it is also called the inch plant. Thus, you can root them in water before putting them into the soil.

13] African Violets

African violets are easy to propagate, but you need to have some patience because they take time. They are fit for plant propagation stations because you can easily grow them with the leaf-cutting process. African violets need indirect sunlight, so place them on a south or east-facing window. Besides, keep them in a humid atmosphere because dry surroundings are unsuitable for them.


Plants can truly add beauty to your home and make the surroundings peaceful. With their ability to absorb toxins, plants can give you a fresh and pure atmosphere inside your home. Moreover, adding them to a plant propagation station can be a showstopper for your home interior. Thus, go on and choose one from the above-mentioned plants to put in a propagation stand.

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