13 Glass Vases Shape And How To Choose Them

Glass vases

Glass vases have their reflecting, transparent aura, apart from vintage wooden or ceramic vases. Probably, this is why people love and prefer them more than any other vase! 

However, even glass vases have different shapes — flared, tall, short, or even bubbly! All of them serve their purpose. For example, you can use tall, narrow trumpet vases for a single stern in your living room.

In this article, we analyze 13 different vase shapes to help you choose the best. Let’s see how you can customize each and where. 

13 Different Vase Shapes and the Purposes

Bulb Vase

Glass bulb vases are perfect for a “flower gathering”. They can go with almost all fluffy flowers. You can use bulb vases to grow hyacinths in your home easily. 

Square Vase

The square glass vase is small but modern. A square vase makes your bed’s side table shimmer. Or you can use a bunch of square glass vases on your sofa table with any kind of flowers.

Pedestal Vase

The pedestal glass vase has a wide-mouth look. Some of them look like a huge bowl.  

The wide mouth makes them suitable for decorating large bouquets or green plants. Of course, they are also very suitable for fruit bowls or candy bowls

Bouquet Vase

If you’re looking forward to stemming flower arrangements, a bouquet vase is perfect. 

Bouquet glass vases have that hourglass shape that goes in and out. So, they got the shape to hold large buds together

Bud Vase

Bud vases highlight a single flower or small bouquet.

They are tall and don’t go too wide on the table. Bud vases can be a delicate addition to your fireplace mantel, or wedding table setting or incorporated when styling a bookshelf

That’s what makes them appear different from other vases. 

Pitcher Vase

The pitcher vase’s shape is like the name. They are also a nice choice for your living room table. 

Set it with a couple of wildflowers, heather, or gerbera daisies.  

Molten Glass Vase

Molten glass on a clog of wood enhances the vintage glass vase vibe.

Fill up half of the molten glass vase with water and place some pebbles on the bottom. In case you don’t want to add water, replace it with sand. Now, add your plants, leaves, or simply a flower. Looks so good! 

Trumpet Vase

Trumpet vases are the perfect choice for minimal yet beautiful wedding settings. 

They are tall and have a wide top and narrow neck. Usually, they are made from glass or crystal. Trumpet vases will not be obtrusive to guests’ views or limit conversation, that’s why they are so welcomed for table centerpieces.

Rectangular Vase

Rectangular glass vases look like nothing but everything at the same time (with flowers).

In simple words, rectangular vases are great for your sofa table if you want a monochrome look. You can choose to scatter ‘tulips’ or ‘birds of paradise’ throughout the vase. 

Anything would be a gorgeous texture!

Cylinder Vase

Cylinder vases are perfectly suitable for long single-stem flowers with their simple and beautiful shape and varied sizes. 

 It’s not always a necessity to glorify vases with flowers. Why not choose candles instead? Have a glimpse of these cylinder glass vases and the lit-up candles, you will be surprised.

Bubble Vase

We guess the shape of the bubbles is enough to make your work desk shimmer. 

Bubble vases are one of those glass vases that won’t take much of your space and still make it cool. Flowers with the smallest petals get along, such as:

  • Lilac
  • Snapdragons
  • Sweet pea
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Snowdrop
  • Touch-me-not

Fluted Vase

Fluted vases stay straight like a flute. They are designed in a way that they look like crystal vases. Fluted vases look more modern with their stripes and grooves on the surface.

Fluted glass vases are perfect for dining tables since they are short and can hold several flowers. 

Milk-bottle Vase

Milk bottles come to the last, cheapest, and still one of the gorgeous glass vase shapes. 

Wash the bottles clearly, without a scratch. Then, get your favorite flowers and settle them in. But don’t forget to add water before that. If you’re confused, you can pick up a few flowers from: 

  • White carnations
  • Daisy
  • Orchids
glass vase shapes
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Where to Place the Glass Vases

  • Table Vase

Some of the glass vase shapes are the best looking on the table. You’d find out that most of the vases are table vases such as the bouquet vase, bubble vase, milk-bottle vase, bud vase, etc. 

  • Floor Vase

Floor vases are tall, and have a wide area coverage and thus, are a good choice for halls. Most of the time, these vases have a wavy texture and shape on the top.

So, they leave much room for flowers to flare. 

  • Hanging Vase

Hanging vases are usually small and round in shape, attached to a metal string. All you do is hang the string and put your flowers or shells in. 

Flower glass vase
Source: marthastewart.com

The 5 Most Common Vase Materials

  • Glass

Glass vases are transparent, clear, and minimal. Hence, they are an excellent choice if your home is a place of sunshine. 

  • Ceramic

Ceramic vases have the artistic texture many people love. If you’re a creative person who loves patterns around, ceramic vases are for you! 

  • Crystal

Crystal vases may seem familiar to glass vases but no, they aren’t. They are opaque with a much thicker surface to hold flower arrangements. 

Anyway, you must go for them if you’re more of a crystal person than glass. 

  • Metal

Metal vases are popular and there’s nothing to explain. However, there are still types of metals used to make the vases. 

For example, it could be aluminum, copper, bronze, or simply steel. In addition, galvanized vases are also a consideration sometimes.

Metal vases look the most beautiful around wooden, and vintage sculptures or pieces. 

  • Wood

The last material, wood, has never gone out of style. Wooden vases go along well with wooden tables and furniture. 


Blank spaces on your tables and side tables don’t give off the aesthetic vibe everybody loves. After all, who doesn’t like giving their home or events a special makeover? 

But it’s rarely possible to completely renovate it. And so, adding beautiful glass vases as a decor part seems to be a low-key idea. So far and so forth, we’ve told you the exact 13 glass vase shapes. Choose suitable vases and add them to your fireplace, kitchen, or living room — you name it! 

Glass decorations and their reflections in light keep the aura warm and positive. So, don’t forget to add a few to your home. But wait, we got all the decoration ideas for you in one click! 


1. Can I use any flower on any shape of glass vase? 

It depends on the flower you’re placing in. For example, flowers like tulips or white carnations will go well with a cylinder vase. But they may not seem so good with a pedestal vase. 

2. Is there a pretty glass vase for the floors too? 

Yes, you can get a floor glass vase if you want. They are taller than normal vases, but as we said, they’re for floors. 

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