12 Things You Can Put In Tall Skinny Vases For Home Décor

tall skinny vases

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance and style to your home décor, finding the perfect accessories is the key. A tall skinny vase serves as a decorative piece that offers a versatile option to showcase artwork. With little creativity and a tall skinny vase, you can enhance any living space.

The tall skinny vase offers countless items to fill for a stunning and unique decoration. This article offers you to explore a range of ideas that you can use in your vase to propose your living space with beauty.

Top 12 Things to Put in Glass Tall Skinny Vase to Add the Touch of Elegance in Home Décor

When it comes to using a skinny vase, you can create arrangements to add visual interest to your room. Below are some inspirations for glass vase decoration to transform into a cherished piece of art.

1] Fresh or Dried Flowers

Fresh or dried flowers are one of the most classic and timeless options that you can fill in a tall skinny vase. You can choose a single stem of an exotic orchid or a bouquet of delicate tulips to elevate your space. You can also go with dried flowers or grasses for aesthetic and low-maintenance arrangements.

2] Feathers

You can also use feathers to decorate a skinny vase for a unique and eye-catching display. You can choose peacock or ostrich feathers for their softness and elegance. These elements offer a sense of luxury and sophistication to any room. So, choose feathers instead to create an appealing and dynamic composition with your classic tall vases. 

3] Faux Stems and Greenery

Artificial flowers have gained immense popularity because of their low maintenance. Use high-quality faux stems and greenery for your tall skinny vase to decorate your space. The faux stems resemble real flowers and provide a long-lasting display. These flowers also help to reduce the harmful environmental impact.

4] Branches and Twigs

Skinny vases are the perfect choice for showcasing long branches or twigs. You can easily get them from your garden or nearby parks. Add these branches and twigs to your glass vase and place them in your living room or bedroom to bring a touch of nature. You can also use delicate fairy lights or hang small ornaments to elevate their beauty.

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5] Decorative Beads or Pebbles

For a unique and artistic display, fill your glass skinny vase with a layer of decorative beads or pebbles. Choose different colors of beads and pebbles that complement your interior. Put them in a tall skinny vase and transform it into a stylish masterpiece. This will enhance the beauty of your room, providing an earthy feeling.

6] Decorative Lights

Add fairy lights or string lights in skinny vases to give your space more warmth. Coil them inside the vase and let it illuminate your room, creating a magical atmosphere. These elements create a gentle glow of the lights & give a cozy and inviting ambiance.

7] Decorative Foliage and Leaves

Use the beauty of foliage and leaves instead of fresh flowers to decorate your space with a tall skinny vase. Choose visually appealing tropical leaves such as Monster and Palm and arrange them in your tall vase. 

These large and lush green leaves can bring a touch of nature and a sense of tranquility to your space. So, jump in your garden and collect some visually stunning leaves for your skinny tall vase.

8] Artistic Branches and Curly Willow

The branches with unique twists and curls can bring an organic and sculptural element to your décor. Incorporate branches and curly willow in your skinny vase to add an artistic touch in the same. This may offer a bold statement to any room. Besides, adding to these branches in a glass vase can create a visually eye-catching arrangement for your guests.

9] Rolled-Up Art Prints or Paper

Instead of flowers, use small art prints or decorative paper to elevate the beauty of tall vases. This unconventional approach adds creative and artistic display for showcasing your favorite artwork. You can play with different colors and patterns to elevate your room decoration. So, use your artistic mind and create personalized arrangements for your living space.

10] Decorative Ornaments

Enhance your festive season by arranging your tall skinny vase with decorative ornaments. Use your old ornaments to create a decorative masterpiece for your room. Choose the jewels that match the space and color theme. Also include colorful pebbles, seashells, or glass marbles for a seasonal touch.

11] Pampas Grass or Dried Wheat

Embrace the natural beauty and bohemian vibes by putting pampas grass or dried wheat in your long skinny vase. The fluffy plumes of pampas grass will create a soft and ethereal atmosphere. At the same time, dried wheat will bring a rusting and charming feel. Using these trendy and visually striking elements will add height and texture to your home décor.

12] Candle Holder

The tall skinny vase is a great decorative item to hold your scented candles. Place them in different places in the room to create a romantic vibe for your night gathering. This not only fills you with romance but also avoids harm to your space.

Final Words

Home décor offers endless options to fill your tall skinny vase and transform it into an attractive masterpiece. These vases are like a blank canvas that allows you to showcase your creativity. By choosing the right element to fill, you can transform the long classy skinny vase into a decorative centerpiece.

Each choice in the list brings unique charm to your home and event decoration. So, embrace your inner artist and let a tall skinny vase become a focal point of beauty and elegance for your guests.

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