12 Glass Cylinder Ideas To Dress Up Your Wedding Gift Table

Glass Cylinder Ideas To Dress Up Your Wedding Gift Table

Wedding days stretch your creativity and imagination to an extreme level. No matter how much research you have done, it seems very minimal. There are some things that are essential at a wedding. This includes proper decorations, glass cylinder flower centerpieces, dining tables, and gift tables. 

There is so much to discuss when it comes to weddings; let’s focus on gift table decoration for now. Indeed, your loved one will bring gifts for you. So it is important to make your wedding gift table look appealing. Let’s explore 12 glass cylinder ideas that will enhance gift table beauty.

Glass Cylinder Ideas for Wedding Gift Table Decoration

Dried Flower Arrangement

Dried flowers are one of the best items that you can use to decorate your wedding gift table. Plus, they go very well with glass cylinder vases, as the dried flowers have big stems. There are a wide variety of dried flowers that you can place in your glass cylinders. This includes pampas grass, rice flowers, baby’s breath, bunny’s tale, and more. 

Dried Flower Arrangement in Glass Cylinders
Source: glasseam.com

Glass Cylinder Covered in Jute cloth

You can easily cover glass cylinders with jute cloth. It will convert your glass piece into a rustic one. Also, You can place live or dried flowers in this setup. The choice is yours.    

Glass Cylinder Covered in Jute cloth
Source: media.istockphoto.com

Candles in Glass Cylinder

If you like to have extra light around your gift table, then candles in a glass cylinder will work best. Make sure you place them adequately, so they don’t topple. This arrangement will work best if you are planning a night wedding.   

Flowers and Candles in Glass Cylinder
Source: glasseam.com

Monotonous Flower Arrangement

Monotonous flower arrangements look beautiful and will bring the best out of your gift table. Ensure you choose the color of flowers according to your central theme. 

Monotonous Flower Arrangement in Glass Cylinders
Source: glasseam.com

Flower Bouquet

You can easily fit a flower bouquet in a glass cylinder piece. Choose a cylinder glass decor piece that has a wide opening. It will allow you to place a big flower bouquet. 

Flower Bouquet in Glass Cylinders
Source: glasseam.com

Floating Candles in Glass Cylinders

If you want to do a little extra with candles, then go for a floating one. They will look beautiful and astonishing. Make sure you place them properly to avoid any water spillage. 

Candles in Glass Cylinders with Baby’ Breath In Clear Bud Vases
Source: martinthornburg.com

Lavender Jars

If you are thinking about making your gift table fragrant, then choose lavender jar decor. You can easily make some by adding dried lavender into a jar, and that’s it. 

Lavender Jars
Source: media.istockphoto.com

Greenery in Glass Cylinder

Placing different types of greenery in glass pieces is a unique and great idea for gift table decor. You can make one yourself or get some from a good florist. 

Greenery in Glass Cylinder
Source: farmhousechicliving.com

Cookies And Candies

Hey, who would not love some cookies and candies at a wedding? When your guests place gifts on the table, they can have some cookies and candies in return. 

Cookies And Candies in Glass Cylinders
Source: media.istockphoto.com

Memory Collection Glass

This is such an amazing idea to remember old memories. You can place a cylinder jar on the gift table with a pen and paper. Your guest can write something memorable about you and your family. It’s a fun way to collect some laughter at a wedding dinner. 

Memory Collection Glass
Source: marthastewart.com

Beautiful Branches

You read it right, just some beautiful branches. They will look beautiful in a cylindrical glass piece. But this doesn’t mean you can use any branches. They should be properly cleaned and groomed. Cherry and apple blossom branches will work best in this arrangement.  

Beautiful Branches in Glass Cylinders
Source: southernliving.com

Potted Plants

Live potted plants are one way to add more greenery to your wedding gift table. If your wedding color theme consists of live plants, then bravo, potted plants will be a perfect fit. 

Potted Plants
Source: greenweddingshoes.com


Every part of your wedding day is important and special. This is why each part should get its fair share of attention. Your wedding gift table is one part that your guests deal with directly. It will make your guests feel that their gifts are more welcome. Visit our website and buy glass cylinders that will enhance the beauty of your wedding gift table.

Frequently Asked Question

Should you have a gift table at your wedding?

Yes! You should have a gift table at your wedding. It is certain that your loved one will bring you gifts. So it would be great to have space for those gifts to show your appreciation.

What do you put on a welcome table at a wedding?

You can put your family pictures, engagement photos, guest’s cards, flower vases, etc. It’s all up to you; the choice is yours.  

Featured Image Source: media.istockphoto.com

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