12 DIY Beachy Mason Jar Candle Holders

Reuse small mason jars

Creating a beachy ambiance in your home can transport you to a tranquil seaside paradise. One fantastic way to achieve this serene atmosphere is by incorporating beach-inspired decor. In this article, we will explore 12 DIY ideas for beachy small mason jars candle holders. These charming and versatile creations will illuminate your space with a warm glow. And also bring a coastal charm that evokes relaxation and serenity.

Seashell Decorated Small Mason Jars

Gather seashells you’ve collected or buy some from a craft store. Apply a strong adhesive to the shells and arrange them around the Mason jar’s exterior. The resulting candle holder will bring a touch of the ocean’s beauty to your space.

Driftwood and Rope Wrapped Candle Holders

Collect some pieces of weathered driftwood and cut them to fit around the mason jar’s circumference. Secure the driftwood using hot glue or a strong adhesive. Next, wrap some natural jute or rope around the driftwood, securing it in place with glue. This rustic candle holder will infuse your space with a coastal vibe.

Sand and Seashell Filled Mason Jars

Fill a Mason jar with clean sand, leaving enough space at the top for a light tea candle. Arrange small seashells and beach pebbles on top of the sand. The combination of sand, shells, and candlelight will create a stunning display.

Beach style small mason jars
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Beach Glass Mason Jar Candle Holders

Collect smooth beach glass pieces in various colors and sizes. Use a strong adhesive to attach the glass pieces to the Mason jar, covering the entire surface. When lit, the candle inside will cast a mesmerizing glow. This will, in turn, create a stunning visual effect.

Nautical Rope-Wrapped Mason Jars

Secure one end of a thick nautical rope to the base of a Mason jar using hot glue or strong adhesive. Wrap the rope around the jar, applying glue intermittently to ensure it stays in place. The result is a charming candle holder with a touch of coastal elegance.

Floating candle in small mason jars
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Starfish Mason Jar Candle Holders

Using a strong adhesive, attach a large or several small starfish to the front of small Mason jars. You can further enhance it by adding decorative sand, pebbles, or even a piece of fishing net. When the candle is lit, the starfish’s shadows will dance against the jar. This will create a captivating effect and look stunning.

Coral-Inspired Mason Jar Candle Holders

Apply a base paint coating to the medium or small mason jars, mimicking the color of the coral. Once dry, use a darker shade to paint coral-like branches and formations on the jar’s exterior. When you light a candle, the flickering light will highlight the coral design. This way, you can add a touch of coastal charm to any room.

Beach Vacation Memory Jars

Print out some of your favorite beach vacation photos and cut them into small squares. Using decoupage glue, adhere the photos to the exterior of the Mason jar. Add a tea light candle inside, and your memory-filled candle holder is ready. It will remind you of cherished moments spent at the beach.

Seaweed and Ribbon Wrapped Candle Holders

Wrap thin strips of seaweed around the Mason jar, securing them with clear adhesive tape. Tie a colorful ribbon or twine around the seaweed for an added touch of beachy charm. These unique candle holders will bring a hint of the ocean’s natural beauty into your home.

Mermaid Scale Mason Jar Candle Holders

Paint the small mason jars with a base color, such as teal or aquamarine. Once dry, use a small circular stencil and metallic paint to create a pattern of mermaid scales. When lit, the candlelight will reflect off the scales, casting an enchanting glow.

Beach Sand and Shell Terrarium

Create a mini beach scene inside the small mason jars by layering clean sand at the bottom. Arrange small seashells, pieces of sea glass, and tiny starfish on top of the sand. You can even add miniature beach-themed figurines for extra charm. Place a tea light candle on the sand and close the jar with the lid. When the candle is lit, it will highlight the beachy elements. This will create a captivating terrarium-like effect.

Ombre Sea Glass Mason Jar Candle Holders

Transform your small mason jars into ombre sea glass candle holders. Start by painting the jar’s exterior with a base color, such as white or light blue. Then, mix different shades of acrylic paint to achieve a gradient effect. Begin with the lightest color at the top of the jar and transit to darker shades as you move towards the bottom. Blend the colors seamlessly for a beautiful ombre look. Once the paint is dry, place a tea light candle inside and enjoy the mesmerizing glow.

In Final Words

Infusing your space with a beachy vibe doesn’t have to be complex. By using small mason jars and a few simple materials, you can create beach-inspired candle holders. These easy DIY candle holders must be more creative than buying standard ones. They bring a touch of coastal charm to any room or outdoor setting. From seashells and driftwood to beach glass and starfish, there are countless ways to unleash your creativity. So go ahead, and gather small mason jars and other supplies.

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