11 Rustic Bud Vase Wedding Centerpieces To Make Your Tablescape Impressive

Rustic Glass Bud Vases

Your wedding is incomplete without beautiful glass bud vase centerpieces. Your tablescape needs a rustic centerpiece that can steal the attention of your guest. After all, the dinner table is a place where your guest is going to spend a lot of time and make memories. 

If you want your wedding venue to look gorgeous, then you need to make your table centerpiece unique and elegant. You can create an amazing centerpiece by using various glass bud vases. 

Here we are going to give you 11 glass bud vase centerpieces that will look impressive on your table.

We have divided these centerpieces into floral and no-floral categories. 

Floral Rustic Wedding Centerpiece

1. A Mix of Flowers and Vases

If you want flower arrangements for your wedding, this idea is for you. For this centerpiece, you have to add a mix of colorful flowers like yellow tulips, ranunculus, freesia, and white hydrangea in glass bud vases

The mixture of purple and white flower flowers will light up the environment for some time. You can add white color napkins to your table to complete the look. This centerpiece is perfect for any rustic theme wedding. 

A Mix of Flowers and Glass Bud Vases
Source: fiftyflowers.com

2. White Bloom with Greenery

Rustic theme wedding looks more gorgeous when we add some greenery and white thing to them. And this idea is a perfect fit for the requirement. In this, you have to put a white bloom in a glass bud vase. 

You can put these white blooms with some greenery in vases. You can choose any greenery as per your choice. To make this more charming, you can add some black color taper candles to the dinner table. 

This combo will definitely give a new life to your boring dinner table. So are you ready to try this idea? 

White Bloom with Greenery in a Glass Bud Vase
Source: stylemepretty.com

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3. Go For Minimal Bud Vases

The rustic theme needs to be minimalist, and this idea is all about being minimal. You have to keep a glass bud vase with minimal blooms. In this, you can add pampas grass, ranunculus, and roses to the vase. 

And this centerpiece will add a pop of color to your wedding table. You don’t have to go overboard with this idea. Just a few blooms and you are done. 

Choose the bloom very wisely for this centerpiece. Don’t go for bold colors. 

Minimal Glass Bud Vase
Source: stylemepretty.com

4. Colorful Glass Bud Vase

Are you bored with glass bud vases? Then try a colored bud vase. A colorful bud vase will add a lot of fun and freshness to your table. Colors like yellow, blue, and brown are perfect for your rustic theme wedding. 

You can add different flowers to these colorful vases. Also, you can add your favorite seasonal flower into them that will attract you to the wedding decor. 

This idea is a great way to decorate your dinner table with colorful things.

Colorful Glass Bud Vase
Source: glasseam.com

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5. Cherry Blossoms in Vases

Noting can be more romantic than cherry blossoms for your rustic theme wedding. The cherry blossoms centerpiece gives a flawless look to your wedding decor. The long branch of cherry blossoms can grab the attention of guests, and the petals give a romantic feel. 

You need to put these cherry blossoms in a glass bud vase to complete the look of the centerpiece. This centerpiece will enhance the beauty of your wedding in a few minutes. 

Cherry Blossoms in a Colorful Glass Bud Vase
Source: stocksy.com

6. Embrace Daisies

If you don’t want to add too much color by using wildflowers, then use daisies. You can create an amazing centerpiece by adding daisies in a small vase. You can mix roses, dahlias, and pretty patterned china with daisies. 

This type of natural centerpiece is trending nowadays, and they make a perfect rustic wedding centerpiece. So if you are confused about what to put in your dinner table, just try out this idea. 

Daisies in Glass Bud Vases
Source: ruffledblog.com

Non-floral Rustic Centerpiece Wedding

1. Scatter Branches of Greenery

Are you looking to give more rustic touch to your wedding decor? This idea may work for you. In this, you have to ditch the flower arrangement and simply put scattered branches of greenery down on the table. 

Fill the whole table with greenery to see the magic of this centerpiece. You can add a glass bud vase around the greenery to give it a more unique touch. 

So if you are bored with flower arrangements, try out this idea for sure. 

Scatter Branches of Greenery on Table

2. Add Grass to a Vase

If you want to complete the decor of your rustic theme wedding, nothing can be better than this centerpiece. In this, you need to add different types of grass to a vase. This will add ethereal and earthy vibes to your wedding table. 

This idea works best if you have an outdoor wedding. You can add a taper candle with a candlestick to complete the table look. 

So are you in to try out this idea? 

Add Grass to a Glass Bud Vase
Source: pindrest.com

3. Try Something Different

This is one of the centerpiece ideas you should try in your wedding decor. Take some glass bottles or glass bud vases and fill water in them. After that, you need to add pine and berry clippings to them. 

To make this centerpiece more unique, you can add taper candles in bottle openings. This is definitely a different idea to try for your wedding. 

Candle in a Glass Bud Vase
Source: hgtv.com

4. Incorporate Mini Trees

Want to add instant charm to your wedding, this centerpiece is a perfect fit for you. Many couples are using this idea at their weddings these days. So in this trendy idea, all you have to do is put your favorite mini trees on your dinner table. 

These fruit trees give elegant vibes and can steal the attention of your guest in just a few seconds. You can add mini trees of orange, lemon, and apple.

Make sure the fruit tree aligns with your wedding theme. You can add a small glass bud vase with flowers on the side of this centerpiece. 

Mini Trees
Source: brides.com

5. Add Interest with Tiles

This is a simple DIY idea to try on your wedding table. You need to add a glass bud vase with the taper and votive candles. Now to keep the bud vase use a kicker — ceramic tile. You can choose the color and size of the tile as per your table and theme. 

You can add custom-made tiles. This tile centerpiece is perfect for giving a rustic touch to your wedding. Candlelight and bud vase make a perfect centerpiece to add charm to your wedding.

Glass Bud Vases and Candles
Source: brides.com


Decorating your wedding with a centerpiece can be time-consuming and tiring, but it’s a good opportunity to impress your guest. And if you’re having a rustic theme wedding, then the centerpieces are one of the main things to focus on. 

A glass bud vase is a decorative piece with unlimited potential. It goes well with anything. You can even put ornamental fish, colorful candy, and colored sand in it for your table decoration!

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