10 Unique Ways To Create A Terrarium Jar For Home

Create A Terrarium Jar For Home

Terrarium jars are a great way to bring a bit of nature into your home. They’re easy to customize with unique elements. 

Here are 10 unique ways to create a terrarium jar for your home featuring a variety of plants, rocks, and other decorative items. Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance terrarium jar or something more intricate, this list has something for everyone.

So let’s get started!

A Magical World in a Jar: 10 Unique Ideas for Creating Terrariums at Home

Terrariums are all the rage right now, and there are many ways to make one at home. Whether you want to make small cute planters for your desk or a giant one to display in your living room, there are plenty of ways to create a terrarium jar. Here are 10 unique ways to create a glass terrarium jar.

1. Cactus – Unique Ways to Create a Glass Terrarium Jar

Bring a piece of the desert home into your terrarium with a cactus. You can purchase a pre-potted cactus or pot it yourself using special cactus soil and a mix of gravel and sand. Cacti are unique and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Be sure to provide bright light for the cacti to grow healthily, and remember to water it sparingly. Cacti are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance addition to your terrarium. They are hardy plants that require little care and will add a touch of whimsy and intrigue to your terrarium.

Create a Terrarium Jar
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2. Herbs – Green Up Your Space

A terrarium is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature into your home. Herbs make a beautiful addition to your glass terrarium and add a splash of greenery. 

You can also enjoy the fragrant aromas of herbs like basil, thyme, oregano, and rosemary. Place herbs in moist soil, keeping the soil lightly damp but not wet. Herbs thrive best in bright light. If possible, keep them out of direct sunlight. 

Enjoy the delightful smells of your glass terrarium’s herbs while adding a touch of natural beauty to your home.

Green up Your Space With Plant Terrarium Jar
Source: redtedart.com

3. Bonsai – Bonsai Garden in a Jar

The art of bonsai is perfect for those looking to create a miniaturized version of nature. 

Bonsai involves taking a tree or shrub and pruning it so it can be planted in a small container. It creates an eye-catching centerpiece for your terrarium jar. Creating a bonsai is often considered a meditative practice as you train and prune the plant to your desired shape. 

You can transform any plant into a beautiful bonsai for your terrarium with patience and practice.

Bonsai Garden in a Terrarium Jar
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4. Succulents – Crafting a Terrarium Jar With Style

Succulents are a perfect addition to your glass terrarium. They offer unique textures, and colors, and require minimal care.

You can select the succulent of your choice to add a pop of color or choose smaller species that look like little trees with their branches and trunks. So you can mix and match them to create a truly unique and eye-catching display. 

To keep them happy and healthy, place them in well-draining soil, avoid overwatering, and give them plenty of sunlight.

Crafting a Terrarium Jar With Style
Source: marinmommies.com

5. Ferns – Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Ferns are the perfect addition to a terrarium. Their soft, feathery fronds create texture and contrast in an enclosed space, providing a lush, natural feel. 

You can easily find small ferns at your local plant nursery or online. Look for varieties that do well in high humidity, such as the ever-popular Boston Fern. When planting, use a special soil blend designed for ferns and water only when the soil has dried. 

With a little care, your fern will flourish in your terrarium!

Bringing the Outdoors Inside by Creating a Terrarium Jar
Source: foter.com

6) Venus Flytrap – Catching Prey in a Jar

Bring the excitement of carnivorous plants into your home with a venus flytrap. 

This eye-catching plant loves moist environments and is sure to draw attention from everyone. To create a venus flytrap glass terrarium jar, fill the jar with moist soil, add peat moss, and provide enough light for your plant. 

Also, you can add sand or gravel to the soil for better drainage. Once your terrarium is complete, introduce your venus flytrap and watch it go! Be careful not to overfeed your plant, as too much fertilizer can burn the leaves. 

With regular watering and the right amount of sunlight, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of this carnivorous plant for years to come.

Catching Prey in a Terrarium Jar
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7) Ivy – A Garden in a Jar

Ivy is a great addition to any terrarium jar. 

Its lush green leaves and thin, trailing stems add texture and beauty to your jar. Ivy is also incredibly easy to care for and requires minimal attention. It’s perfect for those who don’t have time for intricate glass terrarium maintenance. 

Plus, ivy can help filter pollutants from the air and make your home a more breathable environment. Whether you use real or faux ivy, it’ll be a gorgeous addition to your terrarium.

A Garden in a Terrarium Jar
Source: redtedart.com

8) Moss – A Natural Jar

When it comes to terrariums, moss is an absolute must-have! 

Moss adds a touch of nature to any terrarium and can be used to create interesting shapes and patterns. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also serves as a natural filter for air and water. It can thrive in low-light environments and helps to retain moisture, making it ideal for creating a mini rainforest inside your terrarium jar. 

Plus, it’s easy to care for, so you won’t have to worry about keeping up with your glass terrarium.

A Natural Terrarium Jar
Source: TacuNatureStudio

9) Bromeliads – A Jungle in a Jar

Bromeliads are a great addition to terrarium jars, adding a vibrant and unique look. They can be grown in soil or hydroponically. They come in wide varieties and sizes, so you can get creative when designing your hanging terrarium. 

Bromeliads thrive in warm and humid conditions, so give them plenty of space to breathe. Please place them in a spot where they will receive bright indirect light and keep the soil moist but not wet. To keep your Bromeliads looking their best, fertilize them monthly with a weak solution of liquid fertilizer. 

They can last for years with proper care, making them an ideal addition to any terrarium jar!

A Jungle in a Terrarium Jar
Source: providencejournal.com

10) Orchids – A Garden of Orchids

Orchids are a beautiful and exotic addition to any terrarium. 

Several varieties are easy to find and care for, making them a great choice for home terrariums. Orchids come in vibrant colors and shapes, adding visual interest to your terrarium. 

To keep orchids healthy, provide bright indirect light, adequate airflow, and high humidity. Make sure the orchid is potted in a soil mixture specifically for orchids, and use a mister to spray the leaves regularly. 

With extra care, your orchid can bring you years of joy and a unique flair to your terrarium jar.

A Garden of Orchids
Source: alifeunfolding.com


Creating your terrarium jar at home is a wonderful way to bring a little nature indoors. 

Terrariums can be an educational tool for kids, an interesting conversation piece for guests, and a beautiful addition to any living space. You can create an enchanting environment for your miniature world in a jar with the right combination of plants, moss, and soil. 

Whether you’re a beginner, creating a terrarium is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.

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